Conference Interpreter

Lisa Woytowicz is a professional conference interpreter serving Essen, Duisburg, Dortmund, and Duesseldorf.

2015–2019: MA in Conference Interpreting from Mainz University for the languages German, English and Portuguese

2014: Studied abroad at the Universidade de São Paulo

2012–2016: BA in Language, Culture and Translation from Mainz University for the languages German, English Portuguese, and Dutch

Though born and raised in the Lower Rhine region of Germany, I feel equally at home in Brazil and South Africa. This is thanks to the many years spent working at a small music school in a village along the Eastern Cape, in addition to my time serving as a DAAD language assistant at a large university in the heart of São Paulo.

As a professional conference interpreter offering simultaneous interpreting and consecutive interpreting services, it is imperative that I maintain not only my foreign language skills (English and Portuguese), but also my native German skills. This is one of the reasons why I spent several years teaching German as a foreign language at Mainz University, where I also tutored interpreting students.

Besides working in the interpreter booth, you can also find me at the swimming pool. Swimming is a passion of mine that has taught me a great deal about team spirit and drive— two essential characteristics for interpreters.

Generally speaking, you can expect professional language interpreters and translators to have one or more university degrees. In addition to holding a Bachelor’s degree in translation and a Master’s degree in conference interpreting, I also possess the necessary cultural expertise in my working languages and am guided by strict professional standards.

As a service provider, you can count on me to be conscientious and friendly. What I do, I do with dedication and the necessary foresight. Moreover, I attach a great deal of importance to adhering to deadlines and have a strong commitment to quality.

I am also a member of two professional associations. As such, I have a solid network of professional interpreters and conference interpreters covering every major language combination. To keep my skills sharp and up-to-date, I make it a point to regularly attend continuing education courses.


Do you have a text that you’d like to have translated in writing? As a one-stop shop, I offer you idiomatic target-language solutions that express exactly what you want to communicate.

Looking for a certified translator for legal translations? No problem.

As a sworn translator for German, English and Portuguese, I provide first-class certified translations of certificates and other legal documents for the following language combinations:

English into German
German into English
Portuguese into German
Dutch into German

Need translation services for other languages? With your consent, I’ll forward your request to a suitable and qualified colleague within my large network of professional translators and interpreters. I’ll see to it that your translations end up in the best hands.

High-Quality Services

What to expect when working with me:

I will provide you with professional and thorough assistance in finding the right solutions for events requiring multilingual language services, whether in person, online, or hybrid.

I will always think proactively about your needs and listen carefully; that’s how I can remove any uncertainties on your part and ensure your multilingual event is a success.

I know what I'm doing and keep my professional and technical skills up-to-date by regularly attending seminars and workshops.

I have a very large network and will only bring the very best people on board, which is important because simultaneous interpreters work in teams. I consider myself lucky to have a such deep pool of qualified and reliable interpreters and translators at my side.

Not sure how to get your multilingual project off the ground? Contact me—I’ll point you in the right direction!

Would you like to make an inquiry?

Contact me! I’ll make you a non-binding offer.


Solutions for German, English, and Portuguese.

If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his language, that goes to his heart. – Nelson Mandela

As a Germany-based professional conference interpreter for German, English, and Portuguese, my job is to help you communicate more effectively with others. This is my calling, mission, and greatest source of motivation.



Are you from an English-speaking country, or hosting guests from German-speaking or Portuguese-speaking countries and looking for a German interpreter to make sure everything goes smoothly? I’ll find a solution that meets your needs by advising you on all the different types of interpreting or organising your conference equipment.

I am also a sworn interpreter for German, English and Portuguese and regularly provide interpreting services at German courts, weddings and other important meetings and appointments.

I provide the following types of interpreting:

Simultaneous interpreting
Consecutive interpreting
Remote simultaneous interpreting
Whispered interpreting
Liaison interpreting


Tourism: recreation, camping, theme parks, zoos

Culture: museums, music, film festivals

Education: higher education, early childhood education, children and youth work

Sustainability: climate change, environmental protection, textile industry

Politics: migration & refugees, EU policy, security policy, space policy

History: Jewish history, colonial history

Economy: works meetings, shareholders' meetings

Judiciary & authorities: courts, civic marriage ceremonies

Technology: EMC, grinding processes

Psychology & psychiatry: psychotherapy, personality psychology, listening skills

Food and beverage sector: food retail

Event industry



Your industry isn’t listed above? No problem. I’ve been trained to systematically familiarize myself with any field.